As a Magento merchant, you can use the Magento back-end to create the integration manually

Step 1: Go to System -> Integrations Menu.

Step 2: Click add new integration to open a new integration form.

Step 3: Enter the integration name and the password for the admin user you are logged in with. Fill the form as in the below picture.

Step 4: Grant access to the API resources. Razzo needs access to Customers, Catalogs, Sales, Carts, and Store Settings.

Step 5: Save to create a new consumer public & secret keys for integration.

Step 6: Activate integration for creating an access token for the external application.

Step 7: After activating, we can see the integration detail in the picture below. We need the Access Token.

Step 8: This Access Token, you will paste to your connection. Create new connection in your Connection Section.

Step 9: Create new connection in your Connection Section. And paste the Access Token, together with the Host of your Magento shop, give it a Name, and find the Store Code ( see step 10. )

Step 10: To find the Store Code for the connection, Go to Stores -> All Stores. When all information is added to, click Save.

Step 11: Now your Connection has been added, and Razzo has begun to fetch data. It will fetch new data every night, but you have the option, to click Fetch Data, to manual update your data. The label will change from In progress to Finished, when all data is fetched. You can click Display Process, to follow how long in the process we are.

NOTE: For Magento 2.4.5,

If you have updated to the latest version of Magento (v. 2.4.5), Razzo will no longer have access to your data. We will get the 401 error. To fix this, you need to go into your Magento Admin find Stores > Configuration > Services > OAuth > Consumer > Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens should be set to YES

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